The Who, What, Where & the Why


Who is city relics?

We are a group of ragtag, diehard lovers of everything – be it the obviously beautiful or just the beauty in the eye of the beholder (we don’t judge).
We crave the darling, the kitschy, the elegant & refined, the weird, the wacky, the dusty & rusty & the adorable and the sweet.

What we do...

We pass on our favorite finds to you.
This ranges from new & unique home & baby goods to vintage wares. Pretty much anything that piques our interest along the way of our every day & sometimes exotic travels.

Where we are...

We are located in Colorful Colorado.

Why do we do what we do?

When we find something great, we want to share! Besides, it gives us a chance to at least have a moment with everything we find… we can’t keep it all!

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